Keda Polishing Line

At Adila Ceramic, we are equipped with the state of the art and latest in technology. Our one of the most prized possession is the Hi-efficiency Combination polishing heads KD268C. Abrasive with a long swing, the heads of the Polishing line ensure that when the tile comes in contact in a straight line it guarantees optimum cooling and grinding outcomes. For crossbeam swing, a double-reducer drive is steady and dependable. The quality of finish of tiles are ensured by this machine which promises a low Re-polishing rate.

System Digital Machine

Our world class graphics are result of implementation of one of the most renowned solution Digital printing i.e Creadigit. With a faster speed which is up to 70 m/min and a high-resolution assurance. We are able to produce the highest quality of graphics in minimal time and also ensuring there are no streaking, no blurring and defect and even no machine downtime because of the efficiency.

HLT Press

Another addition in our elaborate and high-class infrastructure is the HLT Press. Not just a domestic market stalwart but also a global market revelation, the HLT press is one of the key equipment of our production. The YP series hydraulic tile press, not only has reputation but also the performance to back up the heavy promises and efficiency it offers.

Modena Kiln

Modena Kiln developed by the Modena Technology Limited (formerly Foshan City Modena Machinery Co, Ltd.) is our main equipment for drying and firing, and glazing. As one of the main equipment involved in the production of ceramic tiles it is also one of the most versatile and highly efficient and updated piece of machinery in our plant.

LB Feeder

Our LB Feeder machinery ensures a press feeding system designed for filling dies. The LB Feeder is loaded with special features that includes ease-of-use, high production output. The feature loaded machinery is one of the mainstays of our production and allows us greatly to fulfil the demand our ever growing clientele in the domestic market and around the world.